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It started with drinks at The Tribeca Grand with my old clubbing buddy, who we’ll call Phoebe. We hadn’t seen each other in over a year and we spend the night knocking back Pinot Grigios and reminiscing about days long past of being chased by our cute club promoter/DJ/model pseudo-boyfriends down the cobblestone streets of 10th avenue in our stilettos at 4 o’clock in the morning. Good times. Then the conversation shifted to our current day adventures; completing our first Barry Bootcamp class and showing each other Instagrams of our amazing dinner triumphs. How life has changed. Then Phoebe mentioned that she has a Skype session with her therapist before brunch tomorrow. Lol, okay Phoebe…like therapy for what? Like mental health? Phoebe…the girl who five years ago told me she was quitting her amazing fashion magazine job to marry a rapper who she swore was going to be ‘the next Eminem’ because she said was ‘tired of the conventional life’ (said rapper now works for his dad’s insurance firm btw)? That Phoebe? Has a therapist? This is amazing. She goes on to tell me that she has been taking online sessions with her awesome therapist via a service called ‘The Pretty Padded Room’. I left the hotel thoroughly impressed with my friends bold new foray into her total health, mind and body. I had to investigate. Now, I’ve flirted with therapy before. Once when I was young when my mother mistook my adolescence for Satanic possession, again when I first got my own health insurance and enlisted every medical professional I could find and then when I was going through a hellish time in my life and decided that no one I knew was competent enough to talk me off the ledge. All three times, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t impressed. It wasn’t for me. I have however always been a huge supporter of mental health. Maybe it was worth giving it another shot. I started googling The Padded Room, and its incredible founder Bea Arthur (okay yes her name is Bea Arthur). The concept is nothing short of brilliance. You get video sessions with a female therapist, online journal logging and access to general mental health guidance and info. Genius. It’s easy, it’s light and unintimidating and chic as shit. As I googled more, I started to see Padded Room sessions being given as contests on girly websites, and written about in fashion magazines. I started discovering mental health apps with decorative backgrounds and hot therapists available 24/7 through Skype. Sleek and sexy apps like ‘EmotionSense’ lets you use your phone as a tool to assess whether or not you’re miserable…you know in case you can’t tell. I suddenly felt the need to talk to someone. I kinda wanted to pour a glass of something pink and snuggle under a cashmere wrap and talk to my pretty therapist on my computer. Has therapy completely become a status item?  In New York therapy has been a chic lifestyle accessory for some time. In demand therapists have wait lists that span out for months. Therapists are crucial members of the NYC upwardly mobile woman entourage along with your personal trainer, your hairstylists, visiting housekeeper and wax lady. But with the online and app arena booming with options that are equal parts convenient as they are…fashionable it looks the nation is adopting a more fancy girl aesthetic to therapy. Which is good. It helps foster the idea that people do not necessarily seek mental health care because they need it or there is a “problem”. I’m a supporter of all thing that promote health and if comes in pretty packing all the better no? I’m looking forward to the Alexander Wang Klonopin satchels that are sure to hit Net a Porter any day now.

Photo Credit. Steven Meisel, Vogue Italia July 2007


7 Reasons To Go To Boulton and Watt

7 Reasons to Brunch at Boulton and Watt


In my constant quest to get my friends to go out on weekends to place I can walk to from home I stumbled upon the damn close to perfect Boulton and Watt. I’ve added it to my very exclusive list of places I will frequent so much that eventually I will request  a drink be named after me. Here are 7 reasons to haul it on over to Boulton & Watt.

  1. The Brunch Mimosas Have Gin. This isn’t just sparkling wine and OJ in a champagne glass…they put some grown up liquor in their drink and put that shit in a jar. #thatswhatimtalkinabout
  2. The seating is diversified making it apt for girl group / guy group interaction. Window lined nook seating, centered seating (tables in close proximity) and cafeteria row-like seating which is extremely communal.
  3. When a good game is on…it feels like a good game is on. People are excited, talking about the game, being…happy and sporty. No obnoxious chest banging that makes you wish you stayed home.
  4. It’s what I call a blind solution. Meaning it is always an option. Very few places are equally as appealing for Brunch as it is Happy Hour and Dinner.
  5. Completely Authentic. I love New York for unrivaled myriad of experiences you can have going out – it’s the essentially point of this blog. So if you are going to have an aesthetic – see it through. From the rustic  décor to the industrial details, the comfort food and the strong drinks. It’s a concept seen all the way through. Must appreciate that in a time when it seems like anyone with money can open a speakeasy / hookah / sushi bar in a vacant space.
  6. You are highly likely to hit on the boys that work there after the third mimosa.
  7. Oh and this happened.


Boulton & Watt

5 Avenue A

Between A and 1st Street

Picture Credit: Wall Street Journal

The Guide to Overly Cool, Expertly Curated Boutiques That Will Ensure You Never Get Out of Debt.


New York has no shortage of excessively cool boutiques. While we love our multi level, big name department stores, we have a special relationship with privately owned shops with personality. They all offer us something different, a unique edge. There is nothing quite like finding the store that matches you. The salesgirls, the music they […]

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Things To Do To Your Apartment For Your Mom’s First Visit To Make Her Think You’re Doing Ok


For me and so many of my friends over the years convincing our parents that the rent we pay and the drama we go through is worth it to live in NYC. We have to hear, as if we didn’t know, how much money we are throwing away on rent, why its smarter to cook […]

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How to Eat Clean in NYC and Stop Pretending Like You Know What ‘Eating Clean’ Means.


So you’re on a Paleo diet now? That’s adorable. While we don’t score as high on the nutrition and fitness obsession in L.A. we certainly come close. Its like as soon as we think we’re well…we’ve completed our Blueprint cleanse, we’ve stocked our fridge full of expensive shit from Whole Foods…here comes Gwyneth Paltrow to […]

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Bar/Restaurant Crush, Extra Fancy


A sucker for cute names and increasingly a supporter of little Williamsburg bars, Extra Fancy is my crush of the week. Extra Fancy is perfectly perched on convenient corner of Metropolitan Avenue. I arrived at Extra Fancy the first time for a magazine event (biggups to L Magazine). Attendees of the event were treated to […]

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The Ainsworth. The City’s Finest Bar for Girls Who Don’t Know Jack Crap About Sports.


It’s something we don’t like to talk about. A ritual among single women. The perusal of sports bars under the façade of grabbing a beer and a game when in actuality they’re cruising. It’s our one thing. Men may go to yoga and Adele concerts to meet women under false interests. We go to sports […]

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Soul Cycle. How A Yellow Bike Made Me and Thousands of Other Women Lose Their Motherf@cking Minds


In New York, when you work in fashion and the related industries you get the occasional inexplicably awesome perk. In my case, it tends to come from people who are completely overestimating my level of coolness. In this instance however, on the occasion of my first Soul Cycle class, it was a great gift from […]

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Friends with Money. How to Happily Dine Out as The Poor Friend


Ph. Terry Richardson | Magazine : Vogue Paris | Model: Crystal Renn It happens. Your girls haven’t been at the same place at the same time in months. The proposal for a dinner out to trash talk and bat our lashes is put on the table. Yay! Off to Open Table we go! And just […]

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The Go To Bar for When You Have Stopped Seeing Someone After Only a Few Weeks and You’re Not Sure Which One of You Ended it and You Need to Overanalyze it for 2 – 3 Hours with Your Girl over Vodka Sodas. This May or May Not Be a Personal Story.


Wise Men, NYC I love the Bowery. Its one of my favorite places to be. DBGB is one of my favorite places to eat, Blue & Cream is one of my favorite places to shop and The Hole is my favorite gallery. Its just back to back fun The Bowery. Almost always back to back […]

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